[PICS] Penneys have the PERFECT alternative to the Christmas Jumper

30th Oct 17 | Fashion

We have a feeling these could be a HUGE hit!

For most of us, a good novelty Christmas jumper is a must have for the party season.

But not everyone is a fan of the Christmas jumper.

Luckily Penneys might just have the perfect alternative this year with their selection of Christmas dresses.

The festive dresses are priced at just €20 come in four different styles, Mrs Claus, a Christmas pudding, an elf or a Christmas Angel.




Here’s the bad news, they are currently only available up North and across the water in Primark.

We’re not sure if they’ll be sold in Irish stores in the next few weeks all we can do for the moment is hope, or beg friends and relatives in the UK to grab us one!