Five minutes with... designer Julien Macdonald at London Fashion Week

19th Sep 17 | Beauty

The king of sparkle talks show time, supermodels and Strictly Come Dancing following his London Fashion Week catwalk.

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He’s designed for Beyonce, J.Lo and Taylor Swift but last night was all about Julien Macdonald showcasing his SS18 collection.

The mood for a drizzly Monday night in London? High octane glamour and a supermodel army, obviously.

We grabbed 5.05 minutes with the Welsh designer post-show…

What was the inspiration for the SS18 catwalk?

We’re living in a difficult, uncertain world at the moment and I just thought, ‘I wonder what would happen if the planet blew up and we all appeared in this parallel universe?’ My world would be all avatars and utopia.

How would you describe the collection in three words?

Fabulous, sparkling, and dream-like.

Do you have a favourite piece from this show?

I never actually see the clothes until the day before the collection. I design them, I see the pieces, and then they all come together for show day. For example, one of the models Eliza Cummings, wore a white embellished dress that weighs a ton! I said to her, “Eliza, are you gonna pull this off?!” The final version was heavy.

Eliza Cummings on the catwalk during the Julien Macdonald (Isabel Infantes/PA)
Eliza Cummings wearing the white embellished dress (Isabel Infantes/PA)

How do you think London Fashion Week is changing?

It’s now about celebrating women who are not the norm – they’re models but they represent real women. Models like Winnie Harlow, Hailey Baldwin and Jasmine Sanders, who I call ‘Diamond Barbie’. The supermodels of today are individual – and usually have a high Instagram following.

Winnie Harlow walked for the designer too ( Isabel Infantes/PA)
Winnie Harlow walked for the designer too (Isabel Infantes/PA)

Are you watching Strictly Come Dancing this year?

Of course! But it’s tricky to say who will go first. I asked my former partner Janette (Manrara) if Aston Merrygold could dance and she said, “Everybody thinks he can dance because he was in JLS but he can do a back-flip and a cartwheel but his Tango is s*** – we’ve got a long way to go.”

I also asked Bruno (Tonioli) and he said, “Ooh, it’s a bit of a mixed bag this year, Julien.” So we shall see…

So what’s tougher, Strictly or show day?

Strictly is really, really hard – it’s not all sequins. That show is tougher than any Fashion Week show I’ve ever done in my life – and I never wanna go back!

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