OH BOY! Mother gives birth to record-breaking sized baby WITHOUT pain relief

7th Nov 18 | Family

An Australian mum has given to the biggest baby ever recorded at Sydney hospital - and she did it all without pain relief!

The record-breaking Parker James Bell weighed in 12 lb 6oz when he was born on Thursday, arriving at 39 weeks and three days.

Shared on the hospital's Facebook page, the post reads:

"This gorgeous chunky boy was born on Thursday to one of our MGP Mums, Nikki. He weighed in at a record breaking 5.755kg (12lb 6oz for the old school) and was a natural birth with no complications. 

We are happy to report the not so little Parker and Mum Nikki are doing well. Welcome to the world Parker, you’ll be the talk of Blacktown Maternity for a long time to come! Also a big congratulations to Nikki, Michael and big sister Maddison."