Aldi Ireland unveil INCREDIBLE new range that EVERY parent is going to love

28th Jun 18 | Family


We are well aware that the sun is beaming outside and the country is in the midst of a full-blown heatwave, but it's never too early to think about back-to-school time. 

Aldi Ireland have unveiled it's first ever rang back-to-school range, and it even includes the nation's favourite Aisling Copybooks!

The popular chain is launching the Stationery Range in 131 stores nationwide on Thursday 12th July, meaning you can get your children sorted for school early, with no worries for the rest of the summer!

New to Aldi this year is the iconic Aisling brand of copy books, which many parents will remember as being the most important items on their school stationery list, and are still used by children all over Ireland!

  • Aisling 10 Pack 120-Page Writing Book €2.89/10 Pack – Keep on writing, with 120 pages ruled with margins
  • Aisling 10 Pack Sum Book €3.99/10 Pack – 88 pages, each divided into squares. Perfect for writing down calculations
  • Aisling 10 Pack 88-Page Writing Book €2.79 – Ideal for homework and writing notes, each page is ruled with margins

Bright stationery ideas:

  • Novelty Pens & Markers €6.99/12 pack - Brighten up homework with these colourful pens and markers. Choose from 12 Scented Gel pens or 12 Scented Twin Tip Markers in a Plastic Case, or 12 Glitter markers in a Wallet. Suitable for ages 3+ years
  • Novelty Pencil Case €6.99 each - Add some colour to the classroom with these pencil cases. Choose from Mermaid, Icon, Llama or Shark. Suitable for ages 3+ years
  • Novelty Fluffy Notebook/ Pencil Case €6.99 each - Get cute with these fun fluffy notebooks and pencil cases.
    • Fluffy Notebook - A5 with 80 sheets in plush cover with embroidery and sequins. Choose from Icon, Mermaid or Llama designs. Suitable for ages 6+ years
    • Fluffy Pencil Case - Short fur with zip and embroidered details. Choose from Unicorn, Cat or Bunny designs. Suitable for ages 3+ years
  • Fluffy 2018/19 Diary €6.99 - Keep up-to-date all through the school year with these cute fluffy diaries. Matches the Fluffy Notebook. Choose from Icon, Llama or Mermaid designs. Suitable for ages 6+ years
  • Novelty A4 & A5 Notebooks €6.99 each - Notebooks for the classroom worth noting! Choose from A4 with 120 pages or A5 with 192 pages. Available in Sequin Mermaid, Floating Glitter or Light Up Shark designs. Suitable for ages 6+ years
  • Novelty Stationery Assortment €2.99 each - Essential stationery items for the new term. Choose from 30cm Plastic Ruler, Scissors, Slide Pen, Mechanical Eraser Pen with Charm or 8-colour Rainbow Pen.
  • Study Planner Set €7.99 each - Make sure they keep their school work and revision organised.
    • Revision Planner - Includes A5 Notebook, Revision Cards, Sticky Notes, 5 Paper Clips, Highlighter, Black Ink Pen and Plastic Case. Choose from 2 designs
    • School Planner Set - Includes Plastic Case, A5 and A6 Notebook, Colour Sticker Sheet, Black Ink Pen, Pencil, Rubber, Ruler and Sharpener. Choose from 2 designs. Suitable for ages 6+ years
  • Exercise/Project Notebooks €4.99/3 pack or each - 3 pack of Exercise Books, available in pink/green or grey/green cover. A4 Project Notebooks with indexes, available in coral/ green or grey/yellow