Parents are now DITCHING these 12 once popular baby names because of their bad connections

3rd Apr 18 | Family

Is YOUR name on the list?

It's very easy to associate a name with something or someone - particularly when it's related negatively - so it's no surprise that some of the once popular baby names are now being shunned by millenial parents.

A survey by parenting site ChannelMum shows 83% of parents reject baby names because they remind them of someone they don’t like. 

Girls’ names being shunned:

Alexa – thanks to Amazon's Alexa

Felicia – ‘Bye, Felicia’ - the term being used as an insult.

Katie – Katie Hopkins.

Cait – ‘I Am Cait’.

Kate – Meghan Markle appears to be the new favourite royal.

Scarlett – Violet is more trendy it seems.

Lauren – Too many reality TV stars are called Lauren apparantly.

Boys’ names being ditched:

Stan –  The Urban Dictionary term, a combination of a stalker and fan, has ruined this name for many.

Ollie – It’s the name of an American pet food brand that got loads of attention thanks to a YouTube challenge in which humans ate dog food.

Christian – 50 Shades of Grey and it’s considered too religious.

Harvey – Harvey Weinstein

Ryan – Budget airline Ryanair kinda ruined this.