Teachers warn they will SHUT DOWN schools from this September

3rd Apr 18 | Family

Speaking at the Irish National Teachers’ Organisation (INTO) union’s annual conference in Killarney, Co Kerry, union president John Boyle warned schools would be closed if equal pay is not restored for young teachers.

He stated:

"Patience is definitely running very, very thin in relation to the seven or eight years of dastardly cuts to the young teachers."

Boyle also told RTE's Morning Ireland:

"My big concern for our brightest and best young teachers who we’retraining at great expense to the taxpayer is that they’re leaving without career breaks, they’re voting with their feet, they’re emigrating in their thousands to the Middle East and further afield, even over to London and Edinburgh where they’re coveted and respected and paid equally."

Boyle said that he does not expect industrial action before the end of this school term, however it is very possible that teachers will strike at the beginning of next year's school term.

He explained:

“Certainly at the beginning of the next school year if we don’t have ay equality negotiated by then I believe the members of the three unions will work closely together and we will be shutting down schools and withdrawing labour,” he said.

It may take stringent action before the government realises we’re really serious about pay equality.”