WATCH: Kerry Katona DIVIDES followers with her latest video

25th Feb 18 | Family

A lot of people were not impressed...

Kerry Katona has divided her fans after she posted a video of her morning routine on Instagram.

In the video the mum of five can be seen dancing around the kitchen with Dylan-Jorge as she prepares to send the kids off to school.

She then pours a spoon of sugar over two bowls of cereal which appeared to be for her children.


Many of her followers were not happy at all with the amount of sugar she added to the cereal and her fans debated it in the comment section on Instagram.

One person said: “Sugar on breakfast that’s filled with sugar! That’s so bad for their teeth”.

“Too much sugar on your kids cereal not very healthy for them.”

Another added: “Nice happy video although I have to agree sugar isn’t necessary on cereal or in drinks or on pancakes. But maybe I’m part of the #sugarpolice without knowing. Whatever the case a happy family is far more important.”

A lot of Kerry’s fans disagreed with the negative comments.

One of her followers wrote: “Guess what?!! My son has had a great big spoonful of sugar in his porridge every morning since he was little. Perfect teeth, normal weight and going to Cambridge to study medicine this year!”

“Knew someone would make a comment about the sugar, god chill out people,” another added.

Whatever you think about the sugar, there's no denying Kerry's house looks like a lot of fun!