PICS: Una Healy DIVIDES followers with these photos of her daughter

28th Jan 18 | Family

Some of Una’s followers were not impressed with the snaps

Una Healy has divided followers after she posted a snaps of her daughter Aoife Belle wearing make-up.

5 year old Aoife Belle suffered a freak accident last week where she tripped and chipped a bone in her elbow.

Following an operation on her arm, Aoife asked her mum could she wear some make up and dress up just to cheer herself up and Una proudly posted the results online. 

We have to say, Aoife Belle is the absolute double of her mam!



Love her so much X

A post shared by UNA HEALY (@unahealy) on Jan 27, 2018 at 11:27pm PST

But many people questioned why Aoife Belle was wearing so much make-up and why the images were posted online.



“I’m so sad to see this beautiful little face covered in make up! I hate to be negative but it just doesn’t sit comfortably with me!”

Another added: “Holy cow that is a lot of make up in such a young girl.”

A third said: “Shes five. Her whole face is literally contoured and highlighted. Una has a public page. ANYBODY could be looking at this picture. There are some weirdos out there and its odd shes not uncomfortable with posting a photo like this of a 5 year old.”

Although lots of the comments were negative, thankfully many of Aoife’s followers jumped to her defence and pointed out how pretty her daughter was.

“The mummy police are out in force thinking they know it all!!Calm down all she wanted to do was put on make up & play dress up as she was feeling down after hurting her arm this week. Nothing worse than the mummy police who think they know best!!”

Another person added: “Omg shes seriously your double beautiful”.