Bump Baby And Me: 2018 lets be having you

15th Jan 18 | Family

Kathy from Bump Baby and Me took some time away to recharge her batteries on a relaxing family break at the start of the year.

My new 2018 diary reads…

"Another brand new year is here and there’s no better time to recharge your energy and get set to make 2018 bigger and better than 2017.

This year abandon all worries, doubts and fears and instead live with passion, purpose and joy.

Turn your dreams into goals, get inspired, explore new horizons, go for new adventures and live with no regrets’’

~MiGOALS Diary 2018~

There’s a lot in that but when you break it down you can put it into practice almost everyday.  It’s doesn’t always have to be the big adventures, but maybe lots of little ones, with your child’s hand in yours exploring this fascinating world through their eyes instead of your own.

Worries, fears and regrets are feelings that can creep in and try to consume us. We can control a lot in our lives, but for the things we can’t control, we can control our reactions to them.  Switching our thinking or challenging how we react to things can help with this. A positive mindset results in many other things turning out positive in life, so with that in mind, 2018, here we go!

Last year, to begin 2017, we took a few days away. While the majority of people returned to work we had a few extra days to wind down after a busy Christmas & New Year. It set us up really well, so this year we decided to do the same!

With our two little ladies in tow now, our requirements when we travel have changed somewhat. I did a bit of research online and on ‘Trip Advisor’ and I settled on booking a few nights at The Newpark Hotel, Kilkenny.

Reviews online spoke about how well the hotel caters for families and about their good wholesome food, so I felt we were onto a winner.   

I like Kilkenny town and I have family living there so it was a perfect excuse for a get together.

When we arrived at the hotel Ayla was delighted to see their Christmas decorations were all still up. They had a gorgeous toy train running around a winter wonderland display, right beside a big open fire. All the kids were fascinated.

Our family bedroom had lots of space for us all and a big balcony overlooking the hotel grounds. Ayla spotted a playground and fairy trail within the first few minutes, so despite it being a very wet and dreary day, we got wrapped up, put Ayla’s waterproofs on and out we went to check it out. 

She loved walking around visiting the Fairy and Elves doors, knocking to see if anyone was at home. In the same area there is a wooden playground and a small ‘wildlife farm’ and a go-kart track.  It was really handy to have all this within the hotels grounds and we popped back over to it a few times during our two nights there. 

We took the girls to the hotel swimming pool one of the afternoons. It was Robyn’s first time in a pool and she loved it despite it being a bit on the cool side. Ayla on the other hand had a ball for the first while but when we tried to get her out she had the tantrum of all tantrums. DO NOT, I repeat, do not take a toddler who hasn’t napped to a swimming pool and expect them to co-operate! At one stage, in her attempt to escape on wet tiles, I’m pretty sure I had her momentarily in a headlock. Lets just say we’ve had better moments. Anyway, we soon got over it with cuddles and some snacks (very little that combination won’t fix at two and a half or at thirty five for that matter)

We had a lovely walk into Kilkenny town (about 15/20 min walk) with the girls in their double buggy after breakfast one of the mornings. 

We wandered around the streets and shops (mainly just me as the double buggy and shop doorways don’t always work!) and then had a stroll around Kilkenny castle grounds. It was really nice just taking our time, not having anywhere to be or have anything in particular to do.

We found a lovely pub to have lunch in and at that moment the Gods must have been looking down on us. BOTH our girls who had nodded off on the walk, stayed asleep for at least a half and hour, allowing us to have a good chat, a little lunchtime tipple and eat most of our yummy lunch, using both our hands! #winning #smallmiracle

Back in the hotel we caught up with my cousin Melissa and two of her children which was lovely. We don’t get to see them often but within minutes the kids were all playing together and running about the place. I had a good catch up with Melissa over a nice cuppa sharing all the news about our two families. 

All in all we had a lovely short break in the Newpark and the beauty of visiting Kilkenny was we were back home in time for lunch! 

Since then, both Steve and myself have got stuck back into work, him in the gym and me with my classes. We’ve lots of exciting plans for 2018.

I think our little family are going to have a very busy but fun year and I look forward to writing about it all and sharing it with you.  

Thanks as always for reading & if you’d like to keep up to date with all the Bump Baby and Me happenings just like my Facebook page & feel free to get in touch,

Kathy x

Kathy is passionate about all things surrounding birth, babies and parenthood. She also has a big interest in wellness, health & fitness.

She runs ‘Bump, Baby and Me’ – providing Pre & Postnatal classes & workshops & Doula services in Malahide, Co. Dublin and LOVES working with mums, dads & babies.

She is the proud mummy to her little girls Ayla & Robyn.