IKEA is offering half-price discounts on cots as part of a new advertising campaign BUT thereís a catch

12th Jan 18 | Family

We’ve seen some pretty strange adverts in our time but this one tops the list…

Swedish furniture giant IKEA have launched a brand new marketing campaign for cots aimed at expectant couples.

The advert, which features a picture of IKEA’s Sundvik cot reads: “Peeing on this ad may change your life.”

Nope, you read that correctly.

Underneath the picture of the cot is a strip which when peed on by a pregnant woman, will reveal a half-price family discount for the cot.



One big question remains- would you bring a pee soaked page from a magazine into IKEA and present it to the cashier for the discount?



The ad made it onto Jimmy Kimmel earlier in the week with the host introducing it as “either the most creative or repulsive ad for baby furniture of all time,”

The controversial ad is being featured in Swedish women’s magazine Amelia and has certainly done the trick and gotten people talking about the brand.

Incase you’re curious, here’s a video on how the advert actually works…