These were the most POPULAR boy’s and girl’s names in Ireland last year

11th Dec 17 | News

And you can check how popular your name was the year you were born

One of the most popular questions that expecting and new parents get asked has to be “have you thought of a name yet”.

And we can kind of see why considering the new little person in your life will be stuck with it forever.

With names playing such a big part in our lives, it’s perhaps unsurprising that we have an obsession with them.

So just incase you were wondering, we’ve gone and found the top boy’s and girl’s names in Ireland for 2016 thanks to the handy new baby name app from CSO.

Emily topped the girl’s list last year with 490 babies registered with the name and James came in 1st place for the boys with 688 registered last year.

And if you’ve ever wondered how popular your own name was the year you were born, you can check the app and find out!

Just pop in your name and the year and you can find out how many people were registered with your name.

The only conditions are that there had to have been 3 or more instances of that name to be included in the database and you had to have been born in 1964 or afte,r as the app only caries information from that year on.