Do your kids draw on the walls? This mum has a GENIUS solultion

17th Nov 17 | Family

This is GENIUS!

The brightly painted walls in your home are often seen as a blank canvas to the little messers in your life.

Sometimes you just can't control what they get up to. So what can you do? - Embrace it, just like this clever mum did!

The photos were shared on Twitter by Eric Masicotte, a doctor from Toronto, Canada. Eric's 6 year old had drawn a house in green permanent market pen on the bright and clean cream wall. 

However, instead of painting over the absolute masterpiece, Eric's wife decided to turn the drawing into a featured piece of art - much like what you would admire in a museum.

Complete with a frame and description, the hilarious images have now gone viral online with over 100,000 retwets.