Holly Willoughby DIVIDES fans with latest parenting advice

23rd Oct 17 | Family

Not everyone is on board with this but what do you think?

Holly Willoughby can usually do no wrong.

The presenter recently released her second parenting book, Truly Scrumptious Baby, but her advice on weaning has not gone down so well with everyone.

Holly, who tells parents to always seek advice from their dietician, says it is perfectly ok for babies to be weaned as vegan or vegetarian if their parents follow those diets.

She writes:  "Weaning a baby on a vegan diet does require a little more planning. Energy density of food can be a concern as vegan food is often high in fibre but not very energy dense.”

"Foods such as hummus, tahini, bananas, nut or seed butters, dried fruit, nutritional yeast and fortified (unsweetened) milk make great additions but it does all come back to balance and variety."

The advice has divided Holly’s fans on Twitter with many people disagreeing with her.






But many people jumped to her defence saying they were rasied vegan and vegetarian and were perfectly healthy.




What do you make of her advice?