Bump, Baby and Me: What about the Dads

9th Oct 17 | Family

Lets take some time to appreciate all the Dads!

World Positive Birth Week is underway (Oct 8 – 15) so I thought I’d give a well-deserved shout to all of the amazing Dads out there who have been our ‘rock’ in pregnancy, birth and those intense weeks after birth. 

Becoming a parent is one of the biggest life transitions we go through and as mums we’re living the experience but Dads are spectators and in our current society – quite uncomfortable ones and often forgotten when it comes to paternal postpartum depression.


Research shows that 10% of new dads experience paternal postpartum depression (50% when mom is depressed).

In Ireland we’re really only starting to get to grips with the stigma associated with mental wellbeing in pregnancy for mothers. It’s great to see that Nurture the Irish Charity are doing impressive work in this area but it’s so important as a nation that we keep this conversation going to raise even more awareness. We also need to widen the circle of support to include Dads.

The stigma against experiencing difficulties in early parenthood is even higher for men than for women. We expect them to be stoic, strong and selfless….but when a new Dad is having difficulties they’re even less likely to ask for help.

Mental health advocate and paternal postpartum depression survivor Mark Williams will be speaking on this important topic ‘What About Dads?’ at the Irish Positive Birth Conference on October 14 at the Red Cow in Dublin. 

I attended the conference last year and the energy about the place was fantastic. It’s a day of inspiration with uplifting talks from midwives, obstetricians and other professionals focused on you having the best experience possible in pregnancy, birth and as new parents.

The good news now is tickets are 2 for 1 this week, so take your partner along and spend the day together focused on this amazing event ahead.