Concerned Irish mum issues WARNING after toddler suffers FRIGHTENING accident at home

5th Oct 17 | Family

A concerned Irish mother has taken to social media to warn others of the dangers of household blinds after her daughter tangled her neck in a cord beside a window.

Lisa McKernan heard a loud bang one evening while having a bath next to her daughters bedroom, where she was sleeping. When she ran to her daughters bedroom to see what had happened, she found her 2 year old daughter had managed to free herself from the cord - but had hit her head off the corner of the bed in the process.

Lisa told BBC Northern Ireland:

“I got straight out of the bath and ran into the bedroom and I saw her neck and the redness of it – the cord of the blind was swinging.

Her head was dripping with blood. It was a small puncture but quite deep. It bled for a while.

When she caught a breath, and began to cry her throat was hurt so badly she didn’t even sound like herself and I didn’t recognise her sobs.

You can get safety equipment from Belfast City Council, which is a plastic attachment that you nail into the wall – it means children can’t get the cord free.

We didn’t have it at the time. We cut off every cord from all the blinds that night – so there was no way the children could get access.

I am just so glad Ellen is fine and I want to get the word out to people about how easy this is to happen.

This is an experience we would never wish on anyone and we are blessed to have her here with us today.”