Ode to Summer - Growth and new beginnings

22nd Sep 17 | Family

I'm not great with endings. Thankfully David is the opposite. Change, in his opinion, usually signals growth and new beginnings. It's good having someone in the house who thinks like that.

When Callum finished Montessori in June I was feeling lots of emotions but mostly sad; something that had played such a big part in his life over the past three years was coming to an end. I hoped the next chapter for him would be a positive one. Starting primary school was a major milestone. Would he like it? Would he be happy? Would he make friends? Would he like everyone? Would everyone like him??

"I am an old man and have known a great many troubles but most of them never happened" - Mark Twain

Today, on the last day of summer, Callum started school. And as usual my worrying was pointless. This morning while I was helping him put on his uniform it didn't seem as monumental as I'd imagined. When we left the house it felt like any other day. When we settled him into the classroom everyone was relaxed. There were no tears thankfully - from anyone! It was a big day but it couldn't have gone more smoothly. Note to self: Stop worrying! The last day of Summer and the first day of something great.


Jumping Jacks


A week on and we're still sending off a happy excited boy. Just before Callum started school I remembered Tony Robbins bouncing on a trampoline before a speaking event, and Gretchen Rubin mentioning on her podcast that doing 10 jumping jacks before embarking on something new, or doing something that may be out of your comfort zone, is really helpful. It calms but also energises you. I stuck that bit of advise in my back pocket for Callum's first day. We all did jumping jacks that morning, me included. But a funny twist that I could never have predicted on the first day of 'big' school was that instead of calming Callum I would be soothing my four year old who was distraught he would not be starting school in a pristine new uniform. Every day this week 10 jumping jacks before Montessori has calmed a disappointed four year old who feels he is ready for change!

Jennifer Lawlor

Jennifer is a working Mum living with her husband and three boys in Dublin.

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