Ayda Field speaks of struggle over mother’s Parkinson’s diagnosis

16th Jul 19 | Entertainment News

The X Factor star told Loose Women she has bouts of misplaced anger towards her mother.

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Ayda Field has described how she was left reeling after her mother was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

The singer and X Factor judge said learning to deal with her parent’s condition had been “a confusing time”.

She told ITV’s Loose Women that she has bouts of misplaced anger towards her mother as she struggles with seeing her suffer.

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Ayda Field with husband Robbie Williams (Steve Parsons/PA)

She spoke to the panel about her experiences of seeing Parkinson’s first-hand, and the anxiety over her mother’s health prior to the diagnosis.

She said: “It’s a very confusing time. There are such wonderful blessings in my life – I have this amazing baby, an amazing family, and I loved X Factor – all these moments of joy, and then these sharp drop-offs.

“I’d be awake, lying in bed, crying.”

Field added: “There’s these weird moments of misplaced anger I have.

“It doesn’t even make sense. How can I be mad? And then you feel guilty for being angry about that.

“No-one trains you … there’s nothing you can do to anticipate all the levels you feel.

“You’re kind of free-falling and you have to learn everything you can.

“This is the journey. I can’t sidestep it, there’s no shortcuts. I don’t know how the journey goes.”

Field’s mother, Gwen, also appeared on the programme, and urged people to seek help and advice about Parkinson’s.

She has also made progress in handling life with the disease.

Field said: “She’s come alive, she’s vibrant, she’s with it, she’s alert.

“She’s the mum I knew, she was kind of slipping away. Now she’s the mum I knew from years ago.”

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