Kevin Clifton gets tattoo on live television after Strictly Come Dancing pledge

14th Jan 19 | Entertainment News

The dancer had 'I love Glasgow' inked on his foot.

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Kevin Clifton has had “I love Glasgow” tattooed on his foot on live television after making a pledge during the 2017 series of Strictly Come Dancing.

The professional, who won the most recent series of the show with Stacey Dooley, was paired with comedian Susan Calman for the previous instalment.

The pair pledged they would get tattoo tributes to each other’s home towns if they made it as far as the Blackpool episode of the show and Calman has already had “I love Grimsby” tattooed on her foot in honour of Clifton’s home.

He told ITV’s This Morning: “Susan Calman said live on air on Strictly, because we didn’t think we were going to make it as far as Blackpool at the time, she said ‘If we make it to Blackpool then I am going to get a tattoo saying ‘I love Grimsby’ on my foot and I foolishly said ‘If you do that I will get ‘I love Glasgow’ as a tattoo’.

“And we made this pact, thinking that we weren’t going to make it as far as Blackpool, but then Susan was so brilliant and everyone loved her that we made it to Blackpool and she has gone and got her ‘I love Grimsby’ tattoo on her foot but I haven’t had mine done yet. I hope it doesn’t hurt.”

Clifton, who will soon be seen on stage in a national tour of Rock Of Ages, then travelled to a tattoo parlour in London’s Hammersmith, where he got the body art.

Showing off the results, he said: “I’m really happy, at the moment I’m loving it. I think it looks really good actually.

“When it first started I thought ‘This is really, really painful, like the worst pain I’ve ever experienced’ and then as it went on I started to get used to it and I’m going to go for broke now and have my arms done, my face. All tributes to Glasgow!”


Afterwards, Calman tweeted: “Well done @keviclifton! You did it! Now we have matching tattoos we must marry immediately. Or something like that.

“So proud of you mate. Promise kept! See you in Glasgow next week for Rock of Ages!”

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