Even Homer Simpson uses the 'Homer Simpson backing into a hedge' gif

14th Jan 19 | Entertainment News

The show just got very meta indeed.

Simpsons in the garden

If there’s one clip of The Simpsons you’ve seen more than any other, it’s probably that moment when Homer backs into a hedge.

That’s because it’s one of the most popular gifs in the world – so popular, in fact, that even Homer himself is using it.

The gif, which dates back to a 1994 episode of the show called Homer Loves Flanders, is widely used to express embarrassment and awkwardness on Twitter and in messages.

And in the latest episode Homer went meta by using it after texting Lisa to ask where his phone was, only to be told he was using it to text her.

Fans loved the extremely meta use of the meme on The Girl On The Bus, which aired on Sunday in the States.

For some people it raised questions.

Meanwhile, the show’s executive producer gave his take on the joke.

Maybe next time Abe Simpson can use a gif of himself walking into the burlesque house and walking back out again.

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