[PIC] Anne Hegerty reveals MASSIVE weight loss following jungle stint

7th Dec 18 | Entertainment News

Anne Hegerty's jungle diet looks to have has a serious impact on her waist-line, with the Chaser looking noticebly slimmer as she posed for photos yesterday.

On yesterday's This Morning, the Governess spoke candidly about her struggle to consume rice during her three week stint on the hit ITV show.

"The trouble is really that there's no salt and about a week ago my digestive system just said to me, 'I'm sorry I'm not having any more rice without beans.'

I'll eat beans, I'll eat rice with beans, but I'm having no more rice because it's just gong straight through."

The campmates are reported to have lost four stone in total due to their diet of basic rations. 

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Catch up on last night's episode below: