Cheryl explains the REAL reason why her face has CHANGED

12th Nov 18 | Entertainment News

The singer shocked fans with her recent appearance!

Cheryl stepped back into the limelight last week, with the launch of her new single 'Love Made Me Do It'.

The mum-of-one has had a rollercoaster year following her split from former One Direction star, Liam Payne, and chose to stay out of the media during the difficult time.

However, as the 35 year old made her first public appearance at Capital Radio last week - fans were more interested in how she looked!

One follower wrote on social media:

“Cheryl why have you done that to your face :( it's actually really sad that someone that stunning would mess with the way they look.”

Another added:

“Why has Cheryl destroyed her face :( ".

At the time, the 35 year old singer blamed it on a lack of sleep and said:

“Still had a pillow crease on my face this morning for my Capital interview. Guess that’s what happens when you go to sleep at 2 and wake up at 5.30.”

However, in an interview for Times Style Magazine on Sunday, Cheryl revealed that her face shape hasn't been the same since giving birth to her son, Bear.

She said:

“My whole body, even my face, everything’s changed since Bear was born. But I feel like I’m better than who I was. I don’t care what my body looks like in that respect. I’m not obsessed about it.