[PIC] Irish blogger Suzanne Jackson SHOCKS fans with secret addition to the family

23rd Oct 18 | Entertainment News

Irish blogger and entrepreneur Suzanne Jackson, otherwise known as So-Sue Me, had a LOT to celebrate yesterday. 

Not only was it the brunette beauty's birthday, but she also collected the keys to her brand new home - which is STUNNING, might we add!

Suzanne wrote yesterday:

"Today was a double celebration and possibly the best birthday ever because not only was my morning filled with love.... we collected the keys to our dream home!

Hard work pays off and I’m so bloody proud and happy of everything we have achieved. I know I’ve been a bit MIA online since January, and now you know why! Here is to the next chapter & more happy memories to come."

On top of all of that, Suzanne let her followers in on a little secret that she had been keeping - her adorable pet pooch Pixie!

Taking to Instagram, Suzanne wrote:

"Admiring the size of their new back garden... and I’ve another thing to tell you all, we have a new little addition. Meet our little rescue; Pixie (swipe right) She’s been with us now for a good few months, but we kept her our little secret."