Lisa Armstrong given warning to stop ATTACKING Antís new girlfriend online

22nd Oct 18 | Entertainment News


Lisa Armstrong has been given a legal warning to stop attacking Ant McPartlin’s new partner online.

Ant’s former wife was given a warning by legal professionals to stop engaging with the attacking comments after liking a string of tweets accusing Anne Marie Corbett of being a “backstabber”, “gold digger” and “second best”.

Ant’s former PA turned girlfriend was reportedly distressed by the social media attacks but Lisa believes Ant is behind the legal warning which orders her to stop liking and retweeting critical comments.

A source told the Sun: “It’s getting increasingly bitter. After everything Lisa has been through she feels so angry and hurt.”

"Lisa was at a very low point earlier in the summer when she realised their marriage was over and felt betrayed when Ant admitted he was in a relationship with Anne-Marie, who she thought was her friend.”

“She was inundated with supportive comments on social media. She liked some posts but she didn’t expect a legal warning.”

“Lisa feels Ant must have been behind the warning, or at least have knowledge of it, and feels very let down by him.”

Ant and Lisa divorced last week and they are now going through a six-week arbitration period to sort out their finances and personal possessions.

It is also reported that Lisa has refused to sign a non-disclosure agreement.