Liz McDonald is in for a HUGE shock in the coming weeks

18th Jul 18 | Entertainment News

Liz is going to get the shock of her life...

Poor Liz McDonald. She’s currently stuck in a love triangle with Johnny Connor and his wife Jenny.

Although she’s tried her best to ignore her feelings for Johnny, it’s becoming more and more obvious the pair will probably end up together.

We can imagine that relationship will ruffle more than a few feathers when it gets out (as everything always does in soapland).

But that’s not the only drama in store for our Liz.

She’s set to get the shock of her life in the coming weeks when Jim, her ex-husband, returns to the street for Steve and Tracy’s wedding- with their dead daughter Katie.

Liz and Jim had a daughter back in 1992 who Liz believed died not long after being born prematurely.

Viewers might have heard her speak to Johnny about this after Aidan’s death. Nicely set up Corrie.

But according to the Sun, there was a mix up in the hospital and Katie explains she was adopted by a couple who then moved to Australia.

Katie tracked Jim down through his military records and the pair even have a DNA test to prove to Liz that the story is true.



Understandably, Liz struggles to come to terms with the revelation and we can’t imagine it’ll be long before Jim starts to cause trouble.

An ITV telly source said: “Producers are excited by Jim’s return to The Street so ensured writers created an astonishing storyline to go with it. The iconic character was popular with fans and is expected to cause plenty of drama again.”

“They’ve cleverly cast the role of Jim and Liz’s daughter to a beautiful woman in the hope of making her the street’s new resident fox. It will be a turbulent time for the McDonalds over the next few months.”

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