Activists form secret Rainbow pride flag in Russia

10th Jul 18 | Entertainment News

Russian law bans the display of the Pride flag

Some very sneaky activists have managed to get around Russia's controversial ban on the display of the Pride flag. Russia has a blanket ban on any propoganda that encourages homosexuality and the Pride flag falls under its remit. 

So this makes the statement from these activists not just clever but also extremely brave. While there was a lot of speculation that there would be trouble at this World Cup, it seems to have gone off rather splendidly, but the spectre of this ban still looms large of the celebrations. 

The colours of the flag are used to represent the diversity of the LGBTQ community... The project is called #HiddenFlag and you can read more on that here


While we as a country have made great strides over the last decade to right the wrongs of the past we must remeber that this is not the case everywhere in the world. This is why we should be so proud of the progress we have made as nation, moving towards a more compassionate and inclusive future.