Lisa Armstrong LASHES OUT at reports that she’s being ‘difficult’ during split from Ant McPartlin

25th Jun 18 | Entertainment News

Lisa is not happy about the way she is being portrayed in the media…

Lisa Armstrong has lashed out at reports that suggested her marriage to Ant McPartlin was over years ago and that she’s now being ‘difficult’.

Last week it was revealed that Ant is now dating their former friend and PA Anne Marie, with Lisa claiming she only found out about the relationship through media reports.

Reports in The Sun over the weekend that claimed that Lisa and Ant’s marriage was over years before he moved on with Anne Marie and that Lisa threw her out of their home last year, but Lisa has taken to Twitter to rubbish them as lies.



She also liked a tweet which suggested she was being made out to be ‘difficult’ and that claiming that the marriage was over for years was a PR move.



The TV presenter and makeup artist only announced their marriage had come to an end earlier this year.

The couple are now embroiled in a divorce battle with a source telling the Mail on Sunday that Lisa is reportedly looking for £50 million, the £12 million mansion she shared with him in West London and a chunk of his future earnings as well as custody of their dog.

The source told the Mail on Sunday: "She has been most loyal to Ant through what has not only been a difficult time for him, but for her also. She has been so understanding of his drinking; after all, she put up with two years of hell as she desperately tried to save him from spiralling out of control.”

"So the news of his new girlfriend has left her distraught. She feels utterly wronged in all of this. She is doing a fantastic job of holding it together but it’s really, really hard. She feels like she has lost so much but is being so brave.”