There Were Mixed Reactions To Ed Sheeran's Gig In The Phoenix Park Last Night

17th May 18 | Entertainment News

People were not happy with how the event was organised

Oh Ed! Where did it all go wrong. You were on such a pedastel that the people of Ireland gladly let you call yourself one of their own. I mean we didn't even bat an eyelid when you stole the name of our national anthem(Galway Girl) and wrote a terrible tune around it. Hell we even applauded you for it. 'Sure look at Ed, isn't he great' we'd say. 

So after what should have been a triumphant concert in the Phoenix Park last night why are so many people angry? Well the fault may not actually lie with the tossle haired troubadour's performance, It looks like the organisation or lack there of may be the problem. 

As can happen with these events, the experience from the stage isn't always comparable to the experience of the crowd as Ed seems to have enjoyed himself, oblivious to the backlash. 


Dublin night #1 !

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So for those of you attending Friday's gig... you have been warned. Turn up early and sober if you want to arrive in the venue with your sanity intact.