Details of Zeedan Nazir’s exit storyline have been REVEALED

15th May 18 | Entertainment News

Poor Zeedan…

Coronation Street spoilers have given us our first look at Zeedan Nazir’s exit from the soap with dramatic scenes set to air next week.

Poor Zeedan has had his heart broken by his wife Rana, who left him for Kate Connor.

Despite appearing to come to terms with his ex-wife’s new relationship, in recent weeks it’s become more and more apparent to everyone around him that he’s struggling to get over Rana.

Next week Zeedan is left fearing the repercussions after he punches a rowdy reveller Phil when he accosts Kate.

Rana reassures Zeedan that Phil will make a full recovery but Zeedan’s fears are realised when the police come calling.

Rana and Kate protect Zeedan when the police ask them what happened and play dumb to the whole attack.

Zeedan ends up feeling guilty over attacking Phil and that Rana and Kate lied for him so he decided to pack it all in and leave for a fresh start.

His grandmother Yasmeen and business partner Imran try their best to get him to stay as his new restaurant is just taking off, but when Rana tries to get through to him, he reveals his real reason for leaving- he can’t bear to be around her and Kate.

Corrie continues tomorrow night on 3e at 7.30pm and 8.30pm or catch up on 3Player now.