THIS is when Pat Phelan is FINALLY exiting Corrie

20th Mar 18 | Entertainment News

And he might not be going alone…

If you’re a Corrie fan then listen up!

The moment of truth has FINALLY come for Pat Phelan with everyone set to discover exactly what he has been up to.

And about time too…

Next week is lining up to be a huge week on the cobbles with Pat receiving some bad news from Mona on Monday 26th March.

Mona tells Pat that the concrete he laid at the mill has to be dug up, meaning Andy and Vinny’s bodies are sure to be discovered.

With time running out, Pat starts to plan his escape on in Wednesday’s (28th March) episodes.

In a desperate bid to flee the street as soon as possible, Pat convinces Eileen to go away with him for a few days to check out some cottages by the seaside in a view to making it their permanent home.

On Thursday (29th March), with Phelan gone Seb and Gary decide to do some investigating of their own at the mill and discover the gun that was used to kill Luke, just before Police arrive.

Andy and Vinny’s bodies are then found at the site and although Gary and Seb plead with the Police to hear them out but the pair are eventually arrested under the suspicion of murder,

On Friday, it all comes to blows when Eileen and Pat are out on a boat.

Eileen catches Pat packing a bag and his passport, leaving her suspicious.

She then listens to a voicemail from Tim warning her that Pat is a killer and finally the penny drops for Eileen.

Oblivious to Eileen a sneaky Pat has heard everything in the voicemail and he lashes out at her.

Pat makes a grab for Eileen as she threatens to throw the boat keys in the sea, stopping his escape and a struggle sees them fall against a rusty railing which gives way.

Facing a fall like that, will they both end up with a gruesome end?

Or will Eileen save herself from becoming Pat’s final victim?

We sure hope so…

Corrie continues on Thursday at 8.30pm on TV3 and 3Player or catch up on 3Player now!