THIS is what Corrie’s Michelle and Carla will fall out over

23rd Feb 18 | Entertainment News

The pair are currently the best of friends but it looks like it’s all about to change…

Corrie fans were delighted when Carla Connor made her return at the end of last year and she quickly picked up where she left off with her family and best mates Roy and Michelle.

But Coronation Street boss Kate Oates previously hinted that Michelle and Carla’s seemingly rock solid friendship would be tested in the coming months and fans reckon they’ve figured out how.

Oates told What’s On TV that Carla would soon have a new love interest and it’s going to ruffle a lot of feathers…

She said: “They have great chemistry but like most Weatherfield relationships, this one won’t be straight forward.”

"Carla’s very keen to keep it under wraps. She knows that tongues will be wagging if word gets out, and one person in particular will not be pleased at all.”

Having just finished her fling with Daniel Osbourne, viewers reckon Carla is going to go for a much younger man again- Michelle’s biological son Ali.






We reckon Carla will encounter the doctor through her rehabilitation after her transplant and sparks will fly.

Understandably Carla would want to keep the relationship quiet especially as Ali is currently giving his mum the cold shoulder.

But in true soap fashion, we reckon Michelle will find out in suitably dramatic style and that’s what the pair will fall out over.

Will Ali be her mystery man? And will Carla’s friendship with Michelle be ruined because of it?

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