Corrie fans are CONVINCED that THIS is how Aidan Connor will leave the show

20th Feb 18 | Entertainment News

Say it ain't so…

Hearts broke everywhere when Shayne Ward confirmed he would be leaving Coronation Street in the coming weeks and since the announcement, people have been busy guessing his exit storyline.

And it seems last night’s episodes left some fans convinced that poor Aidan is actually going to die.

Viewers watched Aidan kindly donate one of his kidneys to his sister Carla last night, but after he was left alone in the hospital room post-op, he broke down in tears leading people to believe the procedure didn’t go as well as was first reported and that his life might actually be in danger.










As well as this, over on Corrie’s social media pages, people were sharing their experiences of transplant waiting lists and operations and they were hoping Aidan’s storyline wouldn’t put potential donors off.




Ward, who plays Aidan Connor in the soap, is due to leave around the same time as he on screen ex Eva Price, played by Catherine Tyldesley.

And although many people think Aidan will be killed off, there’s also theories that Eva will tell Aidan she’s pregnant with his child and they’ll leave together.

No matter how he’ll leave, it’ll no doubt be heart-breaking for fans.


Corrie continues on Wednesday at 7.30pm on TV3 and 3Player or catch up on last night’s episodes here.