Coronation Street lining up DEVASTATING 'Cain and Abel' style feud

19th Feb 18 | Entertainment News

There could be a SHOCK murder in the soap in the coming months...

Michelle Connor hasn’t had the easiest of times in the past few years and it looks like things are set to get a whole lot worse for her in the coming months.

According to the Sun, Corrie bosses are lining up a shock murder storyline between her biological son Ali Neeson and man Michelle raised as her son Ryan Connor.

Ali, played by James Burrows, returned to the Cobbles last week to begin his placement as a trainee GP in the medical centre but left Michelle devastated when he told her he wanted nothing to do with her.

And Michelle will have a whole lot more to deal with when Ryan also makes a return to the street in the coming weeks and clashes with Ali.

A source at the soap told The Sun that there are darker scenes ahead for the pair with a ‘Cain and Abel sibling rivalry’ on the cards hinting that one of the pair will murder the other.

James told the Sun that his return to the Street may not be as simple as he’s making it out to be: “He says it’s a placement but he might have an ulterior motive.”

“I think for now he is very very standoffish with her (Michelle), you know, he hasn’t seen her for ten years and I think there’s a question of why.”

“I think they made some contact some years ago but he’s been away, he’s been doing his thing, he’s been to medical school and he’s come back. He says he’s on a placement but is he? He’s going to be very standoffish with her for a while.”

When Ryan returns to the Street, the pair are set to clash with Michelle caught in the middle again.

Speaking about Ryan’s return James said: “There’s a lot of hatred there as you can imagine – maybe some sort of jealousy as well.”

Fans of the soap will remember how Michelle discovered back in 2008 that she raised Ryan after a mix up in the hospital, with Nick and Wendy raising her actual biological son Ali.

Ali previously moved in with Michelle but didn’t see eye to eye with Ryan and eventually moved back with Nick and Wendy.

Will one of the sort of brother’s end up murdering the other? And if so, who will end up dead.

Coronation Street continues on TV3 at 7.30pm on Wednesday or you can catch up on 3Player now.