Emmerdale viewers HORRIFIED by last night’s episodes

16th Feb 18 | Entertainment News

A lot of people were not impressed by scenes in last night’s shows

Emmerdale fans were left stunned by scenes in last night’s episodes where Cain Dingle threatened drug dealer Simon with acid.

Cain kidnapped Simon and threatened him with acid in a bid to scare him into keeping Debbie’s involvement in Ross Barton’s acid attack a secret.

Last week viewers were left in shock after Debbie ordered Simon to attack Joe Tate with acid but instead he mistakenly splashed Ross with the corrosive substance.

When confronted by Cain Simon simply said: “It was just a splash and beating him and burning him a bit…what’s the big deal? My bad.”

It wasn’t until Cain actually threatened him with acid that he began to show remorse.

Viewers were left horrified when Cain then approached Simon and covered his face with liquid from a bottle.

The liquid turned out to only be water, but Cain then went on to beat Simon with some people convinced he’s even killed him.

Despite ITV airing a warning about the distressing scenes, some viewers were less than impressed with the scenes.












Emmerdale continues tonight on TV3 and 3Player at 7pm or you can catch up on last night's episodes on 3Player now.