Corrie stars FURIOUS over ‘ridiculous’ advertising deals

14th Feb 18 | Entertainment News

There are fears that more stars could quit the soap over the rule…

Coronation Street stars are reportedly unhappy with increasing product placement on the show.

The claims come as the cast prepare themselves for another ‘ridiculous’ advertising tie-in over plans to rename Nicks Bistro.

With Nick no longer living in Weatherfield, executives are searching for a new name for the restaurant but cast members are worried the venue could end up being used as an advert.

Viewers will soon notice a Costa Coffee has been introduced to the Street as part of commercial product placement deal, as has a Co-Op.

According to The Sun, some of the cast are furious that ITV bosses are agreeing to these lucrative deals, yet they have banned the stars of the show from promoting products away from the soap which in turn hinders their earning potential.

A showbiz agent told the Sun: “People are wondering whether it could be a Nando’s or a Pizza Express given that ITV are happy to take cash from the Co-op and Costa to plug their products.”

“People are asking where this commercialism of Corrie will end? Perhaps the Rovers should be taken over by Wetherspoon’s!”

“There is real anger over this commercial tie-in. ITV is happy to take millions from commercial firms for product placement and allow the cast to stand around with Costa cups and lug carrier bags around but won’t allow the cast to promote products away from the set.”

Michelle Keegan and Ryan Thomas reportedly quit the show to increase their earning potential and since her exit, Michelle Keegan has since become a millionaire.

Catherine Tyldesley and Shayne Ward are also leaving too and there are fears that more stars could follow suit.

The source continued: “That is just double standards. Aside from that the product placement is ridiculous. This no joke. Once you have one or two brands in then it is opening the door for more.”

"This will be a like a slow drip and in a few years' time there will be lots more. Mark my words."

“More will go over this. That is for sure. Why should they be made to plug products for ITV as a character but they are not allowed to do it for themselves in their own names?”

Currently the stars of Corrie are only allowed take part in other ITV shows like I’m A Celebrity and Dancing on Ice and to do personal appearances but not sponsorship deals.

With a three tier pay system in place on the soap, it means that while top tier veteran actors like Bill Roache and Micheal LeVell earn around £250,000, mid-tier established actors earn £100,000 but new stars only earn about £50,000.

An ITV spokeswoman said: "We’ve been including product placement in both Coronation Street and Emmerdale for a number of years and have always worked closely with the production team to ensure that any product placement is editorially justified and a natural fit within the action."

"Product placement, along with sponsorship and advertising, all goes to pay for great ITV programmes such as Coronation Street."