Billie Piper laughs off 'controversial career move' after pizza-pelting scene

13th Feb 18 | Entertainment News

The former Doctor Who assistant is back on the small screen in a new BBC drama.

Billie Piper joked she made her “most controversial career move so far” after fans reacted to her character throwing a pizza onto the floor in BBC drama Collateral.

Piper, 35, plays Karen Mars and on Monday night viewers watched as she stormed through her home and launched a freshly-delivered pizza onto the ground.

Karen Mars is played by Billie Piper (Fabio Affuso/BBC)

The move sparked outrage among fans, with many asking how she could throw away the snack.

Replying to a fan on Twitter, she joked: “Herein lies my most controversial career move so far… #Collateral.”

Following the backlash, she had earlier tweeted: “Okay guys, I’m hearing you loud and clear… never again.”

The post was accompanied by a pizza and laughing emoji.

Earlier, viewers had vented their anger about the food-throwing incident on Twitter.

One fan said: ‘Why would she throw pizza on the floor like that… what’s the pizza done to you?”

Another commented: “An hour after it happened, I’m still dwelling on why she threw the pizza on the floor?”

One fan wrote: “Very much enjoyed this although I’m still really confused as to why Billie Piper threw the pizza on the floor.”

Another user said:  “#Collateral last night: why did Billie Piper throw the pizza into the corner of her kitchen?????? I need answers and I need them now.”

And one tweeted: “Also it’s so great to see Billie Piper back on screen again. A big fan of hers but she made me angry when she threw the pizza on the floor. I mean, come on, you never do that to a pizza!”

Collateral, also starring Oscar nominee Carey Mulligan, follows a police investigation into the death of an immigrant in London.

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