'I Married A 500 Year Old Pirate Ghost

18th Jan 18 | Entertainment News

Amanda Teague spoke to Mark and Ciara on Ireland AM this morning

One guest on Ireland AM this morning made headlines this week after sharing her story with the world.

For years Drogheda native, Amanda Teague searched for the perfect man, only to grow tired of men in the physical form, eventually finding love in the ghost of an eighteenth century Haitian pirate.

Despite being over three hundred years old, she recently went on to marry the ghost and says they maintain the same relationship as anyone else and she dropped by the AM studio earlier to tell us a bit more about it. 

Originally Amanda was Amanda Large but she took Jack's surname of Teague after marriage. 

Eagle eyed commentators on line where quick to spot the possible origin of her partner's name. Jack Sparrow, who is the main character in the Pirates Of The Carribbean franchise, has a father named Edward Teague.... and you can probably work out the rest for yourself. Amanda herself had previously appeared on the AM couch as a Jack Sparrow impersonator. 

Watch her tell her story below.