SHOCK pregnancy on the way for this EastEnders character?

7th Dec 17 | Entertainment News

Just in time for Christmas…

EastEnders is lining up a pregnancy shocker for Tina Carter after she begins to suspect that she’s pregnant with Billy Mitchell’s baby.

Viewers of the show will know that Tina had a one night stand with Billy a few weeks back after Tina knocked Billy’s daughter Janet down.

Since that the pair have tried to put it all behind them and continue on as normal, but Tina begins to suspect she is carrying his child.

She confides in Shirley who makes her go out and buy a pregnancy test to confirm the news one way or the other.

Of course Tina bumps into Billy and Honey whilst out shopping for the pregnancy test with Billy quickly figuring out what’s happening…

Tina heads home to take the test and begins to wonder if a second chance of motherhood would be a bad thing, but will the test be positive?

Later Honey spots a solemn Tina in the Square and pushes her to tell her what’s wrong- but is Tina about to reveal all and blow her marriage to Billy apart?