People are claiming they can HEAR this silent gif

7th Dec 17 | Entertainment News

Can you hear it??!

Nearly a decade ago, a British animator made a gif of two electricity pylons swinging their cables like a skipping rope, while a third pylon jumps over them in a rhythmic fashion.

The gif has resurfaced online this week - but for a very unusual reason...

Every time the pylon comes crashing to the ground, the camera shakes dramatically. As a result of this, people are claiming to be able to HEAR a thudding noise every time the pylon lands on the ground.

The clip went viral when it was shared on Twitter Dr Lisa DeBruine from the Institute of Neuroscience and Psychology at the University of Glasgow.

Dr DeBruine told the BBC:

"I don't know why some people hear it very clearly, others only feel it, and others perceive nothing at all. Some deaf and hard of hearing people have reported all three perceptions, as have people with aphantasia [a lack of visual imagery].

I thought some of the vision scientists I follow would be able to explain it right away, but it seems like there are several plausible explanations and no clear consensus."