The REAL reason why Iain Lee entered the jungle is absolutely heartbreaking

5th Dec 17 | Entertainment News

Radio DJ Iain Lee has been having a hard time in the I'm A Celebrity jungle this week amid speculation that he was being bullied by some of the other campmates.

With fans feeling sympathetic towards the star, the real reason why Iain joined the show has now been revealed.

He is thought to be doing the jungle to pay off the huge medical bills for his Mother who suffers from multiple sclerosis and requires constant care. Her nursing home fees amount to £1,500 each month with Iain hoping his appearance fee will cover this.

A source told the Mirror:

“Her health is a constant worry for Iain. He spends a lot of time with her every week.

The cost of the care home is almost certainly a factor in him doing the show. 

On a positive note his mum is enjoying seeing him on the show and back on TV so it has had a positive effect. Iain will be chuffed when he hears this.

She paid off her mortgage she has to pay. So the house sold for £250,000 and so she had £350,000 in her bank, my children’s inheritance.

Her care is just under £1,500-a-week. Imagine that. So she has burnt through the majority of £350,000 in eight years. You do the maths.”

Catch up on last night's I'm A Celebrity below: