Iain Lee compares Stanley Johnson to cult leader Jim Jones

27th Nov 17 | Entertainment News

Iain and Stanley have been rubbing each other up the wrong way.

Stanley Johnson

I’m A Celebrity camper Iain Lee compared Stanley Johnson to cult leader Jim Jones after a row in the jungle.

The pair fell out over a task in Monday night’s instalment of the ITV reality show.

After they rowed, broadcaster Lee compared former MEP Johnson to Jones, who was responsible for a mass suicide in Jonestown, Guyana in 1978.

The trouble started when the pair disagreed over the correct system to count pebbles during the live trial, which saw the girls facing off against the boys in a race to win a slap-up feast.

Johnson, father of Boris Johnson, said: “You are an obstinate man, Iain, I’m saying you are not ready to recognise that your system was wrong.”

Lee replied: “Stanley, you are the most obstinate person I’ve ever met, if anyone dares raise a criticism or disagree with you then they are obstinate, it’s a different point of view.

“We didn’t win it, fair enough.”

Iain Lee
Iain Lee (ITV)

Back in the camp, Lee told Georgia Toffolo he had had a disagreement with Johnson over the stones.

“We disagreed with each other but I’m not allowed to disagree, me disagreeing means I’m obstinate,” he said.

“He used the o word on me, I nearly used the w word on him but that would be inappropriate.

“I just don’t get the all glowing radiant outlook that people have about Stanley.”

He told former Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale that he was not buying into the cult of Johnson. “I agree,” she said.

In the Bush Telegraph, Lee said: “You know the guy who convinced everyone to drink the Kool Aid because they were going to be taken down to heaven in a space ship?

“But I just can’t stomach the Kool Aid, I’m really sorry, but I’m looking at Kool Aid thinking, this is poisonous.”

However, the pair later patched things up when Lee apologised, saying: “Mr Johnson, I just wanted to apologise. I lost my temper earlier and I should not have done and I’m sorry.”

“No, no, no, for goodness’ sake. This is a win-win situation because if we don’t win, the girls win,” said Johnson.

“I’m glad we’re cool,” Lee went on.

Johnson replied: “It’s called a win-win situation. We are cool. Totally cool.”

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