This character is set to KILL Debbie Dingle

23rd Nov 17 | Entertainment News

Just when things were looking up for her…

Just when things were starting to look a bit brighter for Debbie Dingle, fans of the show now fear the worst for her.

After being swept off her feet by Tom Waterhouse we thought Debbie Dingle was going to get her happy ever after, but then again this is soap land.

Tom has already bought Debbie a house in the Dales as well as playing the doting stepfather to her kids, but naturally enough it looks like there’s more to Tom than meets the eye.

Tom’s right hand man Graham appeared in last night’s episode and gave away a huge clue to Tom’s true intentions and it looks like he might be out to KILL Debbie.

Graham teased Tom about his new found family values saying: “If I didn’t know any better I’d suggest you make quite the family unit.”

To which Tom eerily replied: “You don’t dig a grave and leave it empty.”


As well as that, some fans of the show reckon Tom might have a very big connection to a past character in the Dales with three main theories in circulation.

First off people reckon he could be Carl King’s son Tom.

Carl had a son Tom who previously had a thing with Belle Dingle back in the day before being sent to live with his mother after being told his dad tried to rape Chas Dingle.

But others also reckon he’s Chris Tate’s son Joseph who ended up being pushed to the side when his dad married Charity.

The last theory is that he’s a relative of Cameron Murray back to get revenge on the Dingles.

We guess we’ll have to keep watching to find out exactly who Tom is, what he’s up to and if he'll actually end up killing off one of our favourite characters…

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