James May 'looks like Jeremy Clarkson' after cutting off long locks

21st Oct 17 | Entertainment News

Fans say they are going to struggle to tell the difference between the pair.

James May has been compared to his Grand Tour co-presenter Jeremy Clarkson after showing off his new haircut.

The former Top Gear host, known for his longer locks, sported a much shorter trim in a post on Twitter on Saturday.

He wrote: “Haircut. Crikey” alongside the hashtag “BracedForAbuse” and a snap of himself in the barbers.

Followers were quick to offer their opinion with several saying he looked like Clarkson.

Harrison Wirth tweeted: “You look like an older Clarkson” while Pauly H posted: “Bloody hell James did you go in and ask for a Clarkson?”

Ryan Ould said it had a “whiff of Clarkson”.

Adrian Pehal posted: “Do you realise what you have done? The irony of that fateful haircut decision? You actually look just a little bit like Clarkson now.”

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