Kirsten Dunst made a fan's bizarre dream come true with just one word

20th Oct 17 | Entertainment News


Hollywood actress Kirsten Dunst has made a fan’s dream come true – and she only needed one word to do it.

Admittedly, Twitter user Louis Virtel’s fantasy is a little out of the ordinary.

That’s right, Virtel’s “biggest dream” is for the Spider-Man and Marie Antoinette star to call him pathetic for being a huge fan.

It turns out Dunst was happy to oblige however – and gave a reply to his post.

Dunst, 35, is not particularly active on Twitter either, tweeting just 231 times since joining the social media site in February 2012 – so this was a pretty special occurrence.

By comparison, dream-seeker Virtel has tweeted more than 18,000 times, and he was pretty happy with the acknowledgement.

Awesome stuff.

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