[WATCH] Paddy Doherty takes to Facebook to launch his OWN weight loss DVD

19th Oct 17 | Entertainment News

"Hey woman, this is good for yous."

Big Fat Gypsy Wedding star Paddy Doherty shared a video on his Facebook yesterday explaining how he plans to lose a stone in four weeks!

In a post promoting his latest venture, the 58 year old urged followers to order his upcoming fitness dvd soon to avoid disappointment as their is only limited availability.

Grabbing his belly the Celebrity Big Brother winner says:

"Look at the state of this.

I'm gonna lose this in a stone, not me, we. Let's try it together.

We've got four weeks, I'm gonna lose one stone in four weeks, you and me. Hey woman, this is good for yous. Get your husbands fit, your boyfriend fit and is good for you too.

It's great for Christmas and more than great for New Year.

t's £15, signed copy, delivered express to your door from Paddy Doherty."

According to the website, all "limited edition" DVDs are signed by Paddy himself with his phrase: