Krista Vernoff: I would have worked with Weinstein to boost Hollywood career

18th Oct 17 | Entertainment News

The Grey's Anatomy writer and producer is questioning why so many people were willing to work with the disgraced movie mogul.

Harvey Weinstein

Grey’s Anatomy writer and producer Krista Vernoff has said she would not have had a career in Hollywood if she did not work with people “whose behaviour I found reprehensible”.

The Emmy-nominated screenwriter has also said that, while she has never met disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein, she “would have worked” with him, despite being aware of his alleged behaviour towards actresses.

Vernoff said this left her wondering why she and so many women in the industry “were all so willing to work with him”.

Harvey Weinstein allegations
Harvey Weinstein (Anthony Devlin/PA)

But she said she was “thrilled” to see so many high-profile actresses, including Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie, making public allegations of sexual harassment against Weinstein.

Speaking of an article she wrote for The Hollywood Reporter this week about being objectified by male colleagues in a number of situations, Vernoff told ITV’s Good Morning Britain: “I know for a fact that I would have worked with Harvey. I’ve never met Harvey, I’ve never worked with him.

“But I made a short film a year ago and about a month ago I was approached by a film festival that Harvey sponsors and they asked me to submit my film to their festival, and I did it without thinking twice.

“I personally know actresses who’ve been propositioned by him.”

She referred to the allegations of rape made against Weinstein, which he has vehemently denied, and added: “I know he had a long history of inviting actresses to hotel rooms and offering them careers in exchange for sexual favours, and I do believe that is its own kind of rape.

“So why didn’t I think twice about the idea of working with him? That had me really looking in the mirror and really talking to my most liberal friends.

“The conclusion that I drew is, if I didn’t work with people whose behaviour I found reprehensible, I would not have ever had a career in this town. I am so inured to this kind of behaviour because I’ve been through it.

“We have a long history, a sordid history, of this kind of thing and it’s never gone anywhere … and it’s sort of thrilling at this moment that these very powerful actresses have come out and said ‘me too’.”

Gwyneth Paltrow interview
Gwyneth Paltrow is among the stars who have made complaints against Weinstein (Ian West/PA)

Vernoff also hit back at critics who have questioned why the actresses allegedly abused by Weinstein did not speak out sooner.

She said: “The world wants to come out and point fingers at these actresses and accuse them of being the problem because they didn’t speak out sooner, which is misogyny at work because it overlooks what these women had to survive in order to get that power that they have, that they are now using to raise their voices and say ‘Enough’.”

Dozens of complaints against Weinstein have emerged over the last days, including one claim by actress Rose McGowan that he raped her.

The 65-year-old producer has “unequivocally denied” all allegations of non-consensual sex through a representative.

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