The REAL father of Moira’s baby will be revealed next week

7th Oct 17 | Entertainment News

Just when you thought all the drama was coming to an end for Moira in Emmerdale…

We’ve just about recovered from a pretty dramatic week in Emmerdale.

First off, Emma started a fire at Moira’s farm, then Moira gave birth to a baby when no one knew she was pregnant.

As if that wasn’t enough, Emma unknowingly shot and killed her son, kidnapped Moira’s baby, gave him back and then ‘jumped’ from a viaduct (even though we suspect there’s more to her death than meets the eye).

Anyway, when Moira’s waters broke she declared that Pete was the father of the baby making Emma his grandmother and prompting her to save Moira and the baby from the fire.

But next week just as Pete starts to bond with the baby, Moira reveals that she’s not sure who the baby’s father actually is.

Pete demands a paternity test and (surprise surprise) it turns out that the baby’s daddy is actually Cain, leaving Pete devastated.

Cain is in shock following the news and Harriet senses that this could be the end of their relationship despite Cain remaining adamant that he has no future with Moira.

But could this bring the former couple back together?

Emmerdale continues on TV3 on Monday at 7pm or catch up on 3Player now.