Emmerdale star teases DRAMATIC exit

20th Sep 17 | Entertainment News

The show released an eerie trailer ahead of this characters final goodbye...

We’ve been a long time waiting for Emma Barton to get her comeuppance for killing her husband John last year and it looks like things are set to come to a head next week.

Gillian Kearney, who plays Emma Barton in the soap, has opened up about her final storyline and given some big teasers as to what viewers can expect.

She told Digital Spy: "The story is now reaching a peak and the audience are wanting to know what's going to happen when it all plays out.”

"I was excited when I found out what was going to happen. When I first spoke to our producer Iain MacLeod about it a few months ago, I was tired just listening to what was going to happen to Emma!”

"So much happens to her in one week. She's going to be busy and the challenge is making it real, immediate, different and fresh."

Emmerdale also released a short teaser trailer for next week’s episodes.



Next week starts off with Emma receiving messages supposedly from her late husband James and later discovers that it is Gabby who is sending them as payback for the way she has been treating her family.

And she also hinted that next week’s dramatic proceedings will see Emma’s behaviour take an even nastier turn: “Things get more desperate and desperate measures are called for."

"Emma feels really let down and disappointed when she finds out that it's Gabby. She's ashamed of what she did to Gabby's dad, so she's been trying her very best to be a good person. She thinks it's cruel that Gabby has been playing with her vulnerability, especially because Gabby knows she's in a very unstable place at the moment.

"The audience will be worried for Gabby, because Emma can't be pushed too far before she snaps. It's not coming from a place of evil, but she's very volatile and you just never know what she's going to do next."