[PIC] Scarlett Moffatt reveals brand new TEETH 15 years after bike accident

20th Sep 17 | Entertainment News

Former Gogglebox star Scarlett Moffatt has shared her delight on Instagram after as she unveiled her brand new gnashers.

The 26 year old revealed her dream new set of teeth which she said made her 'cry with happiness' after years of bullying at school - following an accident aged 11 that lead to her teeth turning black.

Scarlett was knocked down by a car while riding her bike. Speaking of her injuries, Scarlett explained:

“The nerves had gone, so I had black teeth at the front.

So I had black teeth as well as a monobrow, and I was a little bit chubby, and then half my face was on the slide.”

The expensive treatment involves permanent tooth caps providing a bright white, and straighter-looking, set of teeth for Scarlett.