Irish couple win big at British Podcast Awards

30th Apr 17 | News

The Cinemile, a film podcast by two Irish people living in London, won the Best New Podcast award at the British Podcast Awards last night

Dave Corkery and Cathy Cullen are two Irish people living and working in London and in May last year, they started their own podcast ‘The Cinemile’.

Recently, they were delighted to hear the news that they were nominated for a British Podcast Award in the Best New Podcast category and that they were up against some heavyweights in broadcasting, including Edith Bowman and a BBC Radio 4 podcast. Last night at the Awards, they were announced as the winners much to their surprise and delight.

Cathy said "We were so shocked when they called our name... It’s so amazing, we were just happy to be nominated in the same category as Edith Bowman and the BBC. We didn’t ever think we’d actually win". Dave adds "Cathy didn’t quite believe it, I had to push her up on stage!"

Thankfully Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway weren't involved, so it was indeed true!

While there are thousands of movie podcasts already, their one stands out because it has a very simple but ingenious premise, Dave and Cathy go see a film and then they record themselves discussing and dissecting the film as they walk home. It also means every episode is around a very digestible 20/30 minutes running time.

It’s a great listen (particularly when they disagree!) and in every episode, their humour and enthusiasm shine through.

When asked why they started the podcast Cathy said "Dave had been at me for ages to do a podcast with him, but I wasn’t really up for it" and it was then that Dave said, "what if we just recorded our walk home from the cinema? We were going every week anyway, and it fit nicely into our schedule." Cathy joked "Ya, it’s the laziest podcast idea ever." 

Dave said they didn't really have big expectations for it when they started "We didn’t really think anything would come of it. We were really just doing it for ourselves for a laugh. We still can’t quite believe that we won!"

Plaudits are coming thick and fast, Edith Bowman congratulated them on Twitter "@thecinemile Best. Result. Ever. What podcasting is about. Brilliant idea, brilliantly executed. On that we hope even you agree! Congrats xx"

Miranda Sawyer of the Observer said this week she was a fan and that “Each weekly episode is … suffused with charm and insight” and Chris Hewitt, the news editor at Empire Magazine tweeted “Hadn't heard @thecinemile until it won Best New Podcast last night. Gave it a whirl this morning - great concept, great fun”

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