We're best friends, we're different sizes, so what?

20th Apr 17 | Entertainment News

Best friends Kate and Georgia appeared on This Morning to discuss the backlash to their recent Social Media posts

Do you feel self conscious posing for snaps beside friends who are of a different size to you? 

Best friends Kate Wasley and Georgia Gibbs don't have that problem but it seems certain parts of the internet have a problem with them.


Both models in their own right, Georgia is a size 6 whilst Kate is size 16 and the 2 girls have decided to show the world that all sizes matter. Between them they have set up the Instagram account any.body_co to show off their different shapes.


But the response to these posts have been increasingly negative with commenters claiming Kate is overweight and Georgia is too skinny! Other people have also claimed that Georgia is only using Kate to make herself better and might even be using photoshop to look skinnier.


Here at xpose we think they both look great  #loveAnyBODY